Dear me, it’s me.

New Years and the time leading up to it is a major time for reflection and assessment.  The idea of a new year being a new opportunity to start fresh. It seems to serve as the most common starting point for any goal by most people.

As of  yesterday (3.14.17), it has been a full year since our #DearMeItsMe campaign.  It has been a humbling and amazing experience to witness the impact and power that this social media movement has had on us and everyone involved. To see people sharing their letters from one year ago and talk about how it affected them is truly something special.

With that being said, its time for a relaunch! We are ecstatic to see all of our previous participants get involved again, along with even more joining the wave.

If you are unfamiliar; click the link for how to get involved- #DearMeItsMe


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