The #DearMeItsMe campagin is focused on spreading positive energy in a seemingly negative world. We want to eradicate self-deprecation, it is so easy to get down on yourself or devalue yourself based on what the world tells you, you should be doing or where you should be at in your life. Having a positive outlook on your life is the key to true happiness, being okay with who you are now and where you are at in life. This doesn’t mean that you are complacent and you don’t strive to reach your full potential it simply means that regardless of where your life takes you and the obstacles you face you will continue to love yourself. Encourage yourself to be ok with and love yourself where you are and take pride in the road you have traveled. Join the movement!

  1. Write a letter to yourself.

Fill it with positivity, affirmations, goals, and self-love.

Seal it and save it for one of those “rainy days” where you are down and could use a boost of positivism or a reminder of how amazing you are.

  1. Put together a post, photo, or video addressing your letter to yourself. Express yourself in the most simple or most creative way! Post to your own wall and/or to our pages wall so that we can share it!

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